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Use the arrowkeys to move and space to pauze.

Or use your numpad keys as follows:
8 - UP
5 - DOWN
4 - LEFT

If you have 3 or more of the same symbols on a row (horizontal, vertical, diagonal),
they will disapear and you will get points for it.
You start in arcade style, but you can also use custom settings.
Press "Start with new settings" to activate them.
The harder the settings (except speed, speed has no inpact), the more points you get.
Try to get as many points as possible!

Instructions to customize MoonStar:
bg and bf color are for the background- and/or textcolor of the score label and the help window.
The tags give you the ability to change the language of MoonStar,
with the exception of the help-button, help-window
and level and (high)score tag. (Cause the mostly are the same in most languages)

Names of the pics:
basepic.jpg = background pic of the entire applet.
bgpic#.jpg = background pic of the playing area, # referres to theme.
fgpic#.jpg = "Press any key to restart" pic, # referres to the same theme as above.
pic#nr0.gif = the picture shown when a symbol disappears, a blank picture is sometimes best.
pic#nr§.gif = a symbol, # refferes to the symbol theme, § is the number of the symbol.

To add themes:
With both the backgroundtheme as the symbols theme, you can add themes.
Currently I made three of each, but I aint an artist, so they arent real good.
To add one bgtheme:
Change parameters "HowManyBgPics = 4" and add "NameBgPic4 = name of the theme."
Add pics: bgpic4.jpg and fgpic4.jpg To add a symboltheme:
Chenge "HowManyPicsStyles = 4"
"HowManyPics4 = how many symbol pictures you made (at least 3, recommended between 5-7)"
"NamePics4 = name of the theme"
Add from §=0 to §=HowManyPics4 pic4nr§.gif.
Important: dont mess up jpg and gif pictures.

Need help? Mail me.