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import java.awt.*;

import java.applet.*;

import java.awt.image.*;

/**This Original Java Code is written by me, Using double buffering.

*I haven't actually loaded any GIF images for the car, but I had

*drawn it by myself. It would be great looking if I had Included

* GIF's but Since it may even slow down the game I had not used

* them. I had used MultiThreading and I am running two threads.

* One for having control over the user CAR and the other for the racing

* cars. This program has some bugs. I will remove in my later versions.

* for best vision use applet width and height as

* <applet code=Car.class width=640 height=400> </applet>

* You can modify this code and distribute among your friends

* Original Programmed by : A. LEVI.

* My e-mail address is * -still unemployed- */

public class Car extends Applet implements Runnable



class road extends Thread